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Global Inflation in 71 countries around the world

Venezuela has the world highest inflation rate and Japan the lowest (source Bespoke Investments)

Venezuela, Ukraine, Sri Lanka and Vietnam are the countries with the highest inflation in the world (excluded in this list the the African countries).

Several important data, the countries of Eastern Europe are experiencing significant increases which may jeopardize the continued growing at present high rates. You will see at the top, Latvia, Estonia or Lithuania with rates above 10% (on March 2007 I spoke about the high risk of investing in the Baltic countries) and also Bulgaria.

By contrast, Japan remains the country with the lowest inflation in the world, less than 1%, followed by European Union countries and Switzerland. Clearly, a hard currency like the Euro often produce show economic growth rates and usually low inflation rates.

In Asia some countries have serious problems with their prices, like Vietnam, Sri Lanka or Indonesia, even for China, only remain safe for the time being, Taiwan and Malaysia.

Perhaps historically these past 30 years have seen more countries with inflation above 30 or 40%, but more worrying is the huge number of countries with rates above 5% and rising.

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