Listado de agujeros en la historia de operaciones financieras.

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Acaba de anunciarse esta mañana que Societe Generale, el banco parisino acaba de sacar de su armario varios cadáveres de esta reciente crisis. Uno de ellos es unas perdidas brutales de un solo operador de futuros sobre índices de bolsa europea por nada menos que 7,9$ billones.¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ nada menos que 7 veces el agujero de Barings.

LLuis Moncusí, como es costumbre me tiene al corriente con informaciones muy interesantes. Os adjunto lo que me acaba de enviar ahora mismo. Interesantísimo listado histórico con todos los agujeros en derivados producidos en las Entidades financieras mundiales. Están todos, desde Barings, Long Term Capital, Orange County (con el tesorero Mr. Robert Citron, no es broma, a veces los nombres son caprichosos), Drexel, o China Aviation Oil. Veréis año, importes y una mini explicación.

Company Date Detail

Societe Generale 2008 Lost 4.9 billion euros ($7.2
billion) before taxes after
trader went beyond permitted
limits on European stock
index futures

Bank of Montreal 2007 Wrong-way bets on natural gas
led to a pretax loss of about
C$680 million ($663 million)

Amaranth Advisors LLC 2006 Trader Brian Hunter’s bad bets
on natural gas triggered
$6.6 billion of losses

Refco Inc. 2005 Declared bankruptcy after
hiding $430 million of debt

China Aviation Oil 2004 Lost $550 million on
(Singapore) Corp. speculative oil-futures
trades, forcing debt

Allied Irish Banks Plc 2002 Trader hid $691 million in
currency market losses

Plains All American 1999 Lost $160 million because of
Pipeline LP unauthorized crude-oil
trading by an employee

Long-Term Capital 1998 Lost $4 billion after a debt
Management default by Russia

Peregrine Investments 1998 Collapsed from at least
Holdings Ltd. $300 million of debt bought
from insolvent companies

National Westminster 1997 Disclosed $125 million charge
Bank Plc to cover options-trading loss

Deutsche Morgan 1996 Fired fund manager Peter Young
Grenfell for unauthorized trading and
paid $279 million to bail out

Sumitomo Corp. 1996 Disclosed a $2.6 billion loss
on unauthorized copper trades
by Yasuo Hamanaka

Daiwa Bank 1995 Disclosed a $1.1 billion loss
from unauthorized trades

Barings Plc 1995 Collapsed after trader Nick
Leeson racked up $1.4 billion
in losses

Orange County, 1994 Lost $1.7 billion from debt
California and derivatives used to expand
its investment fund

Kidder Peabody & Co. 1994 Took a $210 million charge
to reflect what it said were
false bond trading profits by
trader Joseph Jett

Codelco 1994 Trader Juan Pablo Davila lost
more than $200 million
speculating on copper

Metallgesellschaft AG 1993 Lost more than $1.5 billion
trading oil futures contracts

Drexel Burnham 1990 Filed for bankruptcy after
Lambert Inc. pleading guilty to charges of
insider trading and stock

Merrill Lynch & Co. 1987 Mortgage trader accused of
racking up $377 million loss
in unauthorized trades

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